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Hi all 

I am new to this so I hope I'm in the correct place to post this.

I have what should be a simple problem but its proving to be a nightmare.

I will try my best to explain what I need.

We submit reports in word, these contain embedded and linked tables from excel.

The idea is that we change the data in the excel table and the data in the word doc updates to match.

The excel spread sheet and word doc are saved to the same folder. to keep them together.

The problem occurs when we copy the folder and rename it, to use the format for another project.

the data in the word doc is still linked to the original excel tables, and if we change the data here it changes the data in the original report as well.  There must be a way of making the link relative  and not full so that the path updates, with the new folder name, when we copy the folder and rename it

any help gratefully accepted.

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