Embedding a webpage in a Powerpoint slide

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I have been searching for a solution to this problem, and have only found third party tools and a Microsoft plugin that does not work (getting Active X errors, due to security features in Windows 10 apparently this is no longer working).


The third party tools are a problem, since my school will not pay for those, nor can these be installed on the school computers. But something as simple as embedding web content must be available in a powerfull tool like Powerpoint, so I must be missing something obvious here.


I can embed video, I can embed audio, but embedding web content so I do not have to leave my presentation when needing to show said content is not possible? I find that hard to believe.


Does anyone have the answer here?

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You would like to include live web pages in slides in your PowerPoint presentation. A small extension for the program makes this possible.

An important note in advance: If you intend to include online content in your slides, you should only do so if you are sure that there will be an online connection during the actual presentation.

Microsoft itself primarily thought of video and audio clips when integrating Internet content. You can easily transfer this to the presentation using Paste. To use the current content of any website, you need a free add-in that you can download to your computer (see the link inserted).

Open PowerPoint and go to the File section. From there, click on Options.
In the following dialog you decide on add-ins.
At the bottom of the window, select "Power Point Add-Ins" from the list box and click Go.
In the next window click on Add New.
First, you need to activate and install the add-in.

Now switch to the folder into which you moved the contents of the archive. Select the file with the extension “ppam” and click OK.
You will receive an error message about a potential security risk. Unfortunately the developer failed to update the signature of his program code. But I haven't noticed any problems with the add-in. You can get rid of the file the other way around. So you call up the overview of the add-ins again and first use the unload function and then remove. Once the installation is complete, there will be a new section under Insert in PowerPoint. To transfer a live view of a website to a slide, proceed as follows:

Create the slide on which you want to place the website. Switch to the Insert tab and click on Web Page in the LiveWeb section.
Under Insert you have new options in PowerPoint.

This starts an assistant, the first step of which you can skip. In the next dialog, enter the address of the website. You must enter this with the prefix "http".
Click on Add and then on Next. If the page should always be updated automatically, leave the default settings and then click on Next.
The last dialog is used to define how large the website should be displayed.
In conclusion, all you have to do is
indicate where the web page is displayed on the slide.

You have now entered all the necessary information and can click Finish in the last dialog. A placeholder can now be seen on the slide. To display the website, the presentation must be in presentation mode.


LiveWeb - insert and view web pages real-time




I would be happy to know if I could help.



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The plugin you mention is the one that I had mentioned in my original posting, which is not working due to active X restrictions / security restrictions in Windows 10.


Sorry that I took up your time and gave you no solution or additional information on your topic.

I am sending you some links with additional information on your topic.


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Web Browser Control & Specifying the IE Version



Live-Website in PowerPoint 2016 einbinden (is in German)




Embed a presentation in a web page or blog




Thank you for your understanding and patience



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)



You did not "take up my time". You were kind enough to try and help me. I should have specified which plugin I tried in my original post. If anything, I took up your time.


I will look into the additional resources you mentioned. Thank you.

@VayaWillemenHello, I realize that this is an older post and don't expect for you to see this immediately. However, I was wondering if you were able to find a solution to this problem? I am currently having what seems to be a fairly similar issue as you and have not found a microsoft native way to add a live webpage to the slide.

Hello @pnicholls0

Unfortunately this issue was not resolved for me. Since my original tries in 2021 all failed, despite the suggestions I received here in this thread, I have kind of given up and no longer "design" my powerpoint presentations to include live web pages. It is a shame this is not supported natively in ppt, because I always have to leave my presentation to visit any webpage needed during my talks in a browser, and then returning to the ppt afterwards. It is not efficiënt, nor "pretty" and I would prefer an integrated solution. But alas ....

I still have an open feature request somewhere in the depths of the Microsoft universum asking to add this possibility. No idea if it will ever get picked up by the developers at MS-ppt division. Living on hope :)

@VayaWillemen After a little more digging and a few dead ends, I did find This add-in provided by Microsoft directly. I don't know if that is something you are capable of using, but it did work for me in adding a live website into a presentation.

Thank you! Not only for bringing this issue (that I was working around and no longer paid any attention to to get it resolved) back into focus, but also for giving me a new lead. Since my previous answer today, I have found that the Powerpoint Uservoice where I made the featrure request, is nog longer active / supported by MS. What a shame, all these good ideas of users thrown in the bin ....

I will definitely look into your suggestion.

@VayaWillemen This plugin called ClassPoint has been working very well. No Macros, no coding: https://blog.classpoint.io/how-to-embed-a-website-in-powerpoint/ 

It basically opens a web browser in your PowerPoint slideshow, and you can open your saved sites, or just on the spot open new sites. It also allows you to insert a screenshot of the site and annotate on it.

I second the ClassPoint add-in. It allows you to open and explore the web right during your presentation. You can set pins etc to open the exact page you want, so not really embedding IN your presentation, but much better so you have access to all web, instead of just one page.

@VayaWillemenI tried ClassPoint briefly.  I was hoping it would be integrated into the slide deck, but it's not really.  It basically opens up Chrome in front of the slides while you are presenting, and then you can browse to where you want to go (using bookmarks if desired).  But it's not really part of the slide, and it's not a specific website, just a new empty browser.


So yes, you can "stay" in PowerPoint as you browse, but it's not too much different than opening Chrome on your own (although that can be preloaded with your website of interest).  And there is a large toolbar at the bottom that needs to be open during your entire presentation if you want to be able to open the ClassPoint browser on a slide.


Because again, ClassPoint is a tool to temporarily open a website while presenting, it is not adding a website to your slide deck.


So I'm not sure I'll be keeping this, even though it looked promising and may work well for others.



People are considering an add-in called ClassPoint:


How to embed web page into PowerPoint - Quora


I understand that this "work around" of opening a separate browser in front of the presentation is not a solution for everyone's needs, it does solve my issue. When recording with OBS I have enough "self-directing" work as is with assigning actions to key-combinations, remembering these (on top of all the zoom and annotate shortcut combo's that are in place) and switching between OBS scenes at the right moment in an online class + looking in the correct camera when addressing the audience. Having to leave my presentation (and presenter screen) during a presentation + demo in virtual machines + online resources to be shown live in real-time to switch to a browser and changing scenes accordingly just wasn't it for me. And this Classpoint does provide a solution for me. 

I Agree with Jack! Personally, I use this Plugin for all my presentations. And it's very helpful!



I was looking to do the same thing today and am not keen on downloading add ins and such. I accidentally found a way of doing this just in PowerPoint by using the add link.


1. Create the slide contents you want to show. 
2.Add a shape to your slide. I used a square. Make the square the full size of your slide, and then change the Fill on the shape to ‘no fill’ so it is transparent. 
3.With the shape still highlighted click Link and then put the link URL in. 

That’s it.


When you are in presentation mode just click anywhere in the slide and your default browser opens to the webpage if the link you added to the shape. Do whatever you need to, including opening new tabs in the browser window and when you close the browser window, you are taken right back to the slide you were on, still in presentation mode.  

This worked better for me as I wanted to use Edge as I was showing the search functionality and the new Bing Chat secured in our tenant, which looks nicer in Edge. 

I have never shared anything like this before, so sorry if it isn’t valuable. 

@VayaWillemen But a network connection is pretty ubiquitous these days. Like other folks here I can't believe there's not a one-click Insert way to do this.  It sounds like "open Chrome in front" is just that same as you'd get from attaching a URL.  

It definitely is, but is pretty smooth. I used it just yesterday presenting to over 100 people. It means I am not fiddling going in out of presentation mode as minimizing let's me go back and forth. It worked for me and as you say, we had internet connection and so it was very smooth.