Editing Text of Linked Object after Unlinking

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I have a set of linked excel objects in my PowerPoint presentation to display dynamic data from an excel sheet. On a new copy of the presentation, I want to break all the links using a macro so it is no longer dynamic and a client can edit the text displayed from those previously linked excel objects.


After successfully breaking the links, the objects were converted into pictures that are not editable unless I click on "Edit Picture" which converts it into a Microsoft Office drawing object or "Ungroup" the picture (Not sure how it is giving me the option to ungroup when it is a picture, but it works). Both those actions display a text box in addition to unnecessary items (frames, empty text boxes).


I can keep the text box and delete the unnecessary items, but it is not feasible to do this manually for every object, every time I want to make a copy of the presentation. Is there a way in VBA where I can convert all the pictures (that were once linked excel objects) in my presentation into a format where it only keeps items with text frames so that I can edit the text? I tried multiple solutions. If not, is there a way to enhance my workflow from the start so I can make a static and editable presentation from my dynamic one?


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Leen Abu Shaar

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