Does desktop Excel support unicode?

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I have an Excel spreadsheet that shows unicode correctly when viewed in Excel Online but can't display them in desktop Excel. When viewed in Excel Online, it correctly shows as basic shapes with color. When viewed in the desktop version the shapes appear as blocks. Oddly, when I double-click the block, I see a B/W version of it but when I leave the cell it'll revert to a block. What can I do to have the unicode shape appear in Excel? 


More info: the shapes are blue circle, yellow square, red triangle, if that helps! These are, respectively, 1F535, unicode 1F7E8, and 1F53A. These are used as a key for the table below which shows status using these unicode characters.


Apparently, the Mac version of desktop Excel is showing these characters correctly because that is how the document started. Is there some way to get this feature for desktop Excel for Windows?

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