Digital ruler in PowerPoint

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Also originally shown by the Windows team at //build, you’ll soon be able to draw straight lines and align objects with the help of a built-in digital ruler in PowerPoint. Only with Windows 10 technology can you use pen and touch simultaneously, allowing you to position the built-in software ruler with one hand while using your pen to draw with the other. We’ll add the built-in ruler to more apps, like Word, Excel and OneNote, in the future.



se the built-in digital ruler to draw straight lines, and drag the Segment Eraser over excess bits of ink to create precise ink shapes and clean up your drawings.

Availability: The built-in digital ruler in PowerPoint on Windows desktops is coming in early 2017 for Office 365 subscribers.

Segment Eraser in PowerPoint—Create precise ink shapes easily with the help of this new eraser that intelligently removes excess bits of ink, right up to the nearest line. It’s easy to drag the Segment Eraser over multiple bits of excess ink to remove them all at once. We’ll extend this capability to more apps, like Word and Excel, in the future. You really need to see Segment Eraser in action to understand what it can do—check out the video above!

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This is a useful addition particulary for teachers who have Interactive White Boards/Panels.