Default calendar sharing permissions for all users in internal organization


Calendar sharing. 

How can I set the default permissions of calendar sharing within my organization so that everyone "can view all details" of everyone else? 


Setting default sharing policy in Exchange 365 only affects sharing with external organizations if I'm not mistaken, so have do I control it for the internal organization? I have nonetheless tried adding our internal domain there as well, to no avail. 

Surely there must be a way to control default calendar sharing permissions within ones own organization? 


The other option is to use powershell on some schedule to maintain sharing permissions for all our users, but that would be a more inconvenient solution. 



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I would definetely use scripts here (sorry). There’s a load of example powershell scrips out there so just search for them online and customize!

Just to confirm what Adam said above, PowerShell is your only option here. And you have to run it periodically if you want to include any newly created users.