Default calendar sharing permissions for all users in internal organization

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Calendar sharing. 

How can I set the default permissions of calendar sharing within my organization so that everyone "can view all details" of everyone else? 


Setting default sharing policy in Exchange 365 only affects sharing with external organizations if I'm not mistaken, so have do I control it for the internal organization? I have nonetheless tried adding our internal domain there as well, to no avail. 

Surely there must be a way to control default calendar sharing permissions within ones own organization? 


The other option is to use powershell on some schedule to maintain sharing permissions for all our users, but that would be a more inconvenient solution. 



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I would definetely use scripts here (sorry). There’s a load of example powershell scrips out there so just search for them online and customize!

Just to confirm what Adam said above, PowerShell is your only option here. And you have to run it periodically if you want to include any newly created users.

I am so surprised to find that I can control the default sharing experience of calendars with people outside the organization but not *within* the organization.

This means that if I have two organizations working closely together then I can set the default to be 'Can view titles and locations' and each organisation can see this level of detail in each other's calenders - but the co-workers in the same organization will only see free-busy. Unless, that is, each person manually changes the 'Inside your organization' sharing permission - or we have a PowerShell script run on a periodic basis to change people's internal sharing permission (with the attendant complexity of those people who have a legitimate reason to be excluded from the script making the change).

It seems like a significant oversign in the abilities of the Exchange Admin Center and sharing permissions. Does anyone know whether this is on the roadmap? (I wasn't finding many useful hits when I searched for the answer - which is why I've ended up here.)

Exactly, this just blows my mind. We've just made an org-wide step back from the whole sharing idea just because of the fact our non-technical administrators are not able to configure it in Exchange settings.
Hi Vasil,

I found a script to set the default sharing policy for all users.
How can i implement a script that only affects the new users since the last run of the script?

Is there a way?
Are we still forced to use powershell to set sharing policies for users' calendars?