Custom Retention policy and Retention tag

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Hello All,

We have all the mailboxes hosted in O365 cloud.

We are using default MRM policies for all the mailboxes.

Now we have created custom retention policies and retention tags as shown below:

1) Created new custom Retention policy as Custom policy

2) Created new custom Retention tag as Move_archive_mailbox with setting of "applied automatically to entire mailbox default"

3) Custom retention policy has custom new retention tag.

Applied this policy to few mailboxes and working fine.


Now my query is does the custom retention tags are the part of Default MRM policy by default.


Any help really appreciated.


Thanks and Regards

Anand Sunka


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Not sure I understand the question, but only *personal* custom tags you create will be available for users outside of the tags assigned to them via a specific policy. Default tags such as the one you created or any existing ones will not.