Creating a searchable database

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Hello, I am looking to create a searchable database for my team. I compile FAQs for our business and I would like to easily be able to share this information with our team. My goal is to have a database, so they can search for particular terms (environment, safety, stakeholder).

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Have you considered to use SharePoint to store those FAQs and use SharePoint search?

You might also consider using Microsoft Teams for this, as that would integrate alot of other useful features into your teams workflow.

There is a wiki function built in, and also a OneNote could be added with ease.

Both are very searchable, and OneNote also comes with offline sync, in case that is useful for your team.


Of course Sharepoint and other solutions are available, but the ones I mention require almost no expertise to setup and use.

Indeed the OneNote and Wiki in Teams are stored in a SPO Site...