Creating a Reference Image for Mass Deployment

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Hi Engineers, 


I'm planning to create a reference image that contains the following:


  • Host file populated with special domain names related to my organization's production.
  • SCCM Client Software.
  • Applications.


I have prepared an image by installing the OS, updating the OS, updating the drivers, updating the host file, installing the applications, and removing the SCCM certificates. Then, I used the Sysprep tool to clean up any machine-specific information and to boot it into OOBE. But after cloning a new hard drive from this reference imaging using an external clone device and booting from it, I get into Automatic Repair and the OS doesn't boot up. 


I was wondering if there's a way to embed the host file, SCCM client, and applications into the install.wim file in the Windows ISO along with answer file for unattended deployment experience. I know that copying files to the image or installing roles or features is possible. But my question is about non-standard applications like Cisco Anyconnect, Cisco IP Communicator, and so on. 


Thank you in advance

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