Create meetings or events with limited attendees

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Is is possible to create an event in Outlook that you could send out to all staff within your organisation, but then only allow a maximum number of responses for?


We have a customer who'd like to be able to email out an invite to an optional training session that has limited spaces, but if they do that and 50 people reply to a 20 person max event, it gets tricky to manage.


Is there some feature built-in to the Outlook calendar that allows organisers to set limits?

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There's nothing built-in, you'll have to look for a third-party add-in/tool.

If you're using MS365 like us, you might want to try out MS Bookings - it works beautifully exactly for this use case.

Hi @LewisBarry,


Happy Workday to you.  You can create and submit an MS Form with the event and limited space details to all employees as an alternative process.  Once the first 50 people register, submit an Outlook event to confirmed users only.



@LewisBarry Hi Lewis, I have the same usecase, your post is quite old but I am interested to hear how you have worked around this issue. I have tried MS Bookings but it doesn't allow to set the date for the bookings. Your response would be very appreciated !

Can you restrict participants in a meeting with MS Bookings?

@Dominik2357 I'm not seeing how this is done in Bookings.  Am I missing something?