Copilot in Channel Meetings

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In my experience with Copilot during a Channel Meeting that is being recorded and transcribed, there is an issue with Copilot used during the Channel meeting. The results from prompting only stay in the side panel as long as you have the Copilot panel open. If you go to look at chat or maybe you want to see the list of people, then go back to the Copilot panel - all of your previously generated content is gone. This does not happen during a regular Teams meeting. The Copilot-generated content in a regular meeting stays in the panel during the meeting even if you close the panel and go to chat and then back to Copilot again. 

This makes it difficult for me to use other features of the Channel meeting while using Copilot, unless I copy the output every time before switching panels.

Is this the intended behavior for Copilot during Channel meetings? Do I have to prompt again to get back my results if I switch panels?

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