Add spesific colour code in textbox etc. creating powerpoint presentation (or others)

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Doesnt anybody have the knowledge of this? Would be really helpful :)





Hi all good helpers,


Maybe a simple question, but after spending too much time on such a small but important detail, I realize I need some guidance from you :) I have done it before, but cannot find out how to now unfortunately....

I am creating a textbox in my pp preentation, and want to add a specific colour code to the color setting for the textbox, as it is suppose to match our logo. But I cannot find how the color code appear in the color settings......There is no place I can add the code for my specific wanted colour, only color pallettes.....?! Can anyone please help?

Thank you so much in advance! :) Brgds Heidi


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Hi there Heidi @johassa 


Have you tried clicking onto the text box, going to Shape Format in the ribbon menu, clicking onto Shape Fill and then using Eyedropper?




If your logo is in the PowerPoint, you can sample it for the correct colour.


Hope that helps?


Cheers and best wishes


@johassaYou can use the eyedropper functionality if you just want to change the font color to some color in your logo. However, if you just want to know the color code so the re-usability is easier, then you can color the text, and retrieve its code using the More Colors Option. Please see the screenshots.