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Accept and do not send response does not work

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Outlook 365 Calendar should track responses to meeting invites to let you know what the responses are. This is really important when understanding who can make the meeting. Its often considered courteous not to hit 'accept and send reply' to protect someone's inbox and because 'accept and don't send reply' would still be tracked in the tracker so the meeting organiser can see your response there. However, this is not working so if you hit 'accept and don't send reply' the response is not tracked. This causes confusion as people say they've accepted because they've hit 'accept, and don't send reply' expecting their response to be logged in the tracker but it isn't. The organiser can't see a response in the tracker, so has no idea if the person can attend so asks them, at which point the invitee says 'yes, I accepted' and often looks a bit confused / frustrated, as does the organiser. So the organiser has to manually ask for responses and then log who's coming to meetings. This is counter to the efficiencies expected from this software. Please advise when this bug will be corrected.


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That behavior is currently in Preview.

See: Outlook calendar sharing updates 

And: Shared calendars updates in preview 


Until then, you'd still have to send an actual responds (can be empty) to be able to track it.

Note that, depending on the release schedule and settings of your Office 365 environment, the Preview feature may not be available to you.

@susie_day agreed it is very surprising that this does not work. It was raised by Microsoft way back in March 2018 and they fixed all the other platforms before Microsoft Outlook on the PC, which is frustrating. Anyway here is the post Accept & Do Not Send a Response for your reference. It has a lot of interest but they are dragging their feet to get it done.

Still not fixed??