Unable to edit Outlook Meeting's body text (I'm not the organizer).

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After the M365 apps monthly updates in our organization. 


The Organizer can edit the it. But, if the meeting room invite sent to the "Reception" team(Who has the Editor access to room mailbox) to edit the meeting/Accept. Can now only edit the title and not the body text. This was reported by many users.


Anyone has come across such issue in recent time? Do you have any solution??

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We are also getting reports in or organization as well but from those on Semi-Annual channel, I wonder if a security patch broke something. Current Channel users also cannot edit like they used to. In our scenario, we have users who just like to add details to various meeting invites for their own use (they are not the organizer). This used to work and now it doesn't.

Issue seems to be coming from update Version 2307 (Build 16626.20170) released on the 8th August. Release notes for Current Channel releases - Office release notes | Microsoft Learn


We are getting support calls about this as well, August 16th was the first time I'd heard about it, but I'm not sure how far it goes back. To me it seems to make sense and this page seems to highlight the way it works now as the intended way: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/change-an-appointment-meeting-or-event-29b44f7a-8938-4b99...

But we don't get to see the LastModified date for that page and I'm not sure how long that "Important" note has been there. It is nice to see though, because it gives me stuff to point at in the MS Support case which I'm about to open. Will report back with findings from that.
We've been instructed to open a case as well so we're getting moving on that already. Microsoft said others were reporting the same behavior change so we aren't the only ones, this was just the first thread I found reporting the issue. If we hear anything back on our case we'll reply to this thread as well :)

@Laura_Stone  I have this exact same issue with one of my clients. Please let us know what Microsoft says on your support case.  I'm going to monitor this thread daily and wait for an update from one of you.

Hello again, I've done my support case and it was quick/easy (best ever maybe). But it is confirmed as a change in the product.

Over here (https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/all/editadd-meeting-notes-on-meeting-invite-se...), they referred everyone to this official support article:


It's potentially terrible news for some, so I totally understand. I'm also hoping it does bleed over into avoiding some of the meeting issues which I was referring to in the comments on the answers.microsoft link above.
Confirmed by our Microsoft Engineer, this was changed due to that spoofing vulnerability posted by Jeremy. Due to that, I'm not sure we'll be able to convince Microsoft to change the behavior back. Our users may have to get used to a "new normal."
Not only is the original invite read-only, but I make a copy of the invite so that I can add my notes in preparation for the meeting.
That copy cannot be edited.



I am running into a similar issue.  We have receptionists that have Editor access to a manager's calendar.  This access is given via PS or the Outlook Delegation settings.  With the Editor access I have also seen it where the person can edit ALL events on the calendar.  This way the receptionists can update the body of meeting invite and even insert attachments to them.

Recently I have gotten a few calls that this can no longer be done.  However, I am finding that if someone places an event directly on the calendar, they can edit the body and insert attachments.


Are you seeing this as well?



Yes, we have the same issues.

Our reception is not happy, so we are looking for an add-in to Outlook that can help us.



Good news is that it seems like an update is coming that will enable an Edit Meeting button.

Edit/Add Meeting Notes on meeting invite sent from someone else - Microsoft Community


If you force your client on the beta you can try it out.

That is great, my I hope it will work for our reception... :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@lmundayAgree. The only work-around seems to be to create a second meeting from scratch, making yourself the organizer. This is a REAL pain. I always prepared for my meetings well in advance by adding notes to the invitation. Now I have to manually create a duplicate meeting - very inefficient.

I am having the same issue. I used to be able to edit the text in the body of the event invite for my own uses. For this event invite I am not able to. Why?
See the above thread, Microsoft made a change preventing users from modifying calendar entries that were not their own due to a security risk. IanG562's post from November 15th states Microsoft is going to put this functionality back into the product, it just hasn't been released yet. I've seen the new feature, there will be a button in the ribbon to allow editing.

Hi @Laura_Stone,  I can confirm that the info from the the Nov 15 post does work.  I checked for updates and after my Office apps were updated I can not add the Edit Meeting button to the ribbon bar.  This does allow me to edit the meetings.


I am now running the 2311 build 17029.20108 build (current channel).




Hope it works for you!

@Laura_Stone we tried the edit meeting option as per the article and its still not working. Its impacting so many people's day to day work. Do you have any ETA when it will start working?

This new behaviour is a surprise and is kind of annoying.
What before required no clicks to edit now requires two that include dismissal of an "Are you sure" prompt. I would like to be able to say "Don't tell me again."