Sync Problems

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Sync doesn't work. It sync but stopps with a failure. On showing the failure it even doesn't show an error code. I already deleted data and cache, didn't help. I also split my notebook in more sections and sites. Still sync problems... ?!?!?!?

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Did you long tap on the notebook and click 'View sync error' to see what the error is? Is that the snapshot you have shared by the side?

@Parag_PalekarYes. No sync error is shown on viewing.

@DoS007 could you please send feedback from inside the app (three-dot button > Send feedback) with text "#androidshield"? (ignore the quotes)


This will help us effectively diagnose what the issue is with your device.

@Nakul Ashok  Nothing else than "#androidshield" ? What does this do? Is this a code for attaching logs?

@DoS007 yes, just "#androidshield" will work- hashtagging with this keyword will help the relevant support team pick this feedback up and diagnose the issue you are facing.