Stay in line with gridlines in PowerPoint for Mac



Howdy, Office Insiders! Eleanor Huynh, Product Manager on the PowerPoint team is happy to share with you that keeping objects lined up in your presentations is easier than ever, now that gridlines are available in PowerPoint for Mac!


Gridlines in PowerPoint for Mac


The popular Gridlines feature you love in PowerPoint for Windows is now available for the Mac. This handy feature applies a grid of dotted lines across your slide and gives you visual cues, making it simple to align shapes, images, text boxes, and more when creating your slides.


How it works


Ready to give gridlines in PowerPoint for Mac a try?


    1. Open an existing presentation and select a slide.

    2. On the View tab, select the Gridlines check box.


View tab in PowerPoint for Mac showing the Gridlines option checked.




Find out the rest here in the blog post!



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