Power Query source access denied for colleagues within same SharePoint group

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I'm having a lot of success with Power Query in Excel on Mac, which I'm super happy about, but it's massively glitchy when colleagues open my files.


My colleagues are all in the same SharePoint company as me, they have the same access to the relevant files and folders, yet when they open my files they always get some kind of "file access denied" message which prevents any PQ refresh actions working.

If I open up the PQ editor to check the problem, what's happening is the source file has re-named itself from the generic file path that I set up, to a C/Users/ path that's specific to me. Hence I assume isn't recognised by the other user's machine.


For example (simplified):

What I set up as source file: Sharepoint/Company/Statistics/2023sales.xlsx

What the file path becomes when a colleague opens the file: C/Users/AnnaJP/blah...blah.../Company/Statistics/2023sales.xlsx

I have tried manually renaming the file on a colleague's machine while they've got it open but each time it is opened by someone else it becomes the wrong file path again and the issue persists. It also happens even when the source table is in the SAME file that contains the query and the output.


This it basically makes all my PQ-cleaned source data only update-able and refresh-able by me. Yet I am sure that with a couple of simple instructions my colleagues could easily add new data to the source and then refresh it themselves... but they can't - "access denied"!


Any ideas what might help? 

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