OneNote Notebook has been Deleted From the Server

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I am receiving a message that my OneNote notebook cannot sync to my Android phone and may have been deleted from the server. I cannot see or access this Notebook or folder in OneDrive when on a computer. I have used this Notebook to organize my entire business for the past five years. Please advise as to how to recover this. This is very urgent as my entire business, was in this file. I am stunned that over night it is just gone.

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I don't even know what I would do if this happened. I have everything in my mine as well. I hope you are able to get it back

Ive had something similar happen to me. If you cannot find it inside your onedrive recycle bin (I couldnt), then the next step is to check if you have synced the notebook(s) in question to any other device using the onenote app.
If you have done that, its possible to create a new notebook one the device that will hopefully have a slightly older version of the notebook, then create all the new sections and move the cached version (that wont sync to onedrive) over the the new notebook (which will sync)... then you unlink the old notebook, ensure all devices can pull "down" the new notebook from the server and bobs your uncle.

Ive just had to do this tonight, painful and takes some time, but hopefully it solved your problem. I lost a little data in the process, but better than losing entirely everything.


Sorry to hear about your experience

I've experienced the same today

I had a lot of very important information in a notebook and it just randomly disappeared today from my phone. There was some strange syncing update which seemed to crash things and when I've gone back into it, a quick notes tab (only one and not others) has gone. I have tried to retrieve it from back up and history but the specific notebook cannot be accessed as it shows a message showing it cannot be accessed from the server or has been permanently deleted. I shouldn't have trusted one note, highly disappointing and devastating