OneNote Mac 16.68 - CANNOT paste images

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I've literally banged my head against my computer over this. It is 100% a bug.


OneNote 16.68 (22111600) is throwing the error "Sorry, we couldn't paste the content from your clipboard. Please try copying and pasting it again." when I try to paste an image.

Text works fine.


Solution - install OneNote 16.67 (which requires manually removing the new version).


For the MSFT "Community Specialists" and others paid by the nonsense post:

- I cleared all OneNote files - nothing.

- Tried to close a notebook - CORRUPTED the notebook (this was great).

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@lindros99 I have the same problem. Not sure how to proceed to downgrade back to 16.67...

I downloaded it directly from Microsoft. This is my "in case of emergency break glass" page:

Thank you @lindros99.
Strange how one cannot find any release note as to what has changed for most OneNote for Mac versions...