Make your workbooks more performant with Check Performance in Excel for Windows

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Hi Microsoft 365 Insiders,


We’re thrilled to announce that the Check Performance feature, first introduced in Excel for the web last September, has arrived for Excel for Windows! Enhance your workbook efficiency by eliminating unneeded formatting and metadata from empty cells. Not only does this optimize your data management, but it also significantly reduces workbook size—essential for those hefty files!


A big shout-out to Prash Shirolkar, the product manager behind this great feature. Thank you, Prash, for making Excel more performant and user-friendly! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 


Check out how this feature streamlines your workflow and speeds up performance: Make your workbooks more performant with Check Performance in Excel for Windows  




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Hi. There are plenty of claims around this feature.

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Prash is aware since March 2023 about this terrible mess caused by such feature.

His last reply 3rd Jan 2024 is the following:

Thank you for your feedback folks! Please rest assured that your feedback has been relayed to the Check Performance feature team. And apologies for the delay, however, a reliable solution to this has been more complicated than originally thought and so it has taken more time. Check Performance feature team is actively working on it and we’ll update you when the solution is closer to being ready for release.


We truly need such feature with an option to disable it.

Regards. S