Improved Name Manager in Excel for Mac



Office Insiders on Mac,

The new Name Manager in Excel for Mac now has all the capabilities you enjoy in Excel for Windows. This is something many of you have requested, and we’re happy to deliver!

Steve Kraynak, a Program Manager on the Excel team, shows you how the improved name manager works and a couple of scenarios for you to try out! What do you think?




Read all about it, right here



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3 Replies
my autoupdater will not show me the 16.52 version (I am on 16.51). I really want this version - how can I force it to install that version?

@Nathan_Pfeifer - is there a timeline to integrate this improved name manager into the mainstream distribution of Excel for Mac?

I have Version 16.57 and still cannot find it - is there an add in available from a third party?