Erase ink with the Scratch-out gesture in OneNote on Windows

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Hi, Microsoft 365 Insiders! My name is Katie Sullivan and I’m a Product Manager on the Office Natural User Interface team.  I’m excited to share the latest improvement to the Pen & Ink experience in OneNote on Windows. You can now quickly draw a scribble over your ink to erase the ink behind it.


NOTE: If you missed our earlier posts about Pen & Ink improvements in OneNote on Windows, learn more about the new Draw tab and ink tools and how to quickly create neat lines and shapes when inking.


Erase ink with the Scratch-out gesture


Using your pen tool, you can scratch out your ink (letters, words, or drawings) to erase them.  This new gesture provides an even faster way to delete ink while staying in the flow!


How it works 


  • With a pen tool selected, quickly draw a scribble (loopy or zig-zaggy stroke) over the ink you want to erase and notice that the ink behind it is removed. 




Head over to the blog post to learn more and see other updates coming out soon!




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@NathanPfeifer , is there any way I can disable this feature? I draw a lot of representations of DNA, which almost inevitably consist of two squiggly lines and as a result, my DNA keeps disappearing off the page! It's kind of funny, but also frustrating so I'd love to remove this feature. Thanks. 

I need to delete onenote completely but it is not listed in my Apps