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I recently joined the Android beta program for OneNote but was disappointed to find that there were very few changes for the beta build. I am an engineering student and I just switched to a Galaxy Tab S7 from a Surface Pro 5, and I was disappointed to find that a number of features missing from the desktop version of the app. I've sent in feedback through the app a couple times on these types of features, but there hasn't been much transparency from the developers for any feature updates coming down the line. The following features are really important to add:


  • Add spacing tool
  • Expanded hexadecimal/gradient color picker (or just more options)
  • More granular pen size selection (with number of pen size so pens can be set to the same size easily)
  • Tools to change color of existing elements
  • Copy and paste of selected drawings
  • More pen slots (why only 4 slots?)
  • Options for pen button customization (i.e. change S Pen button functions)
  • Shape tools

The shape tools are particularly important for my engineering notes. I need to be able to draw shapes quickly to keep up with my lectures and make my notes more clear. Between making graphs or drawing out material deformation, these tools are sorely missed.


I hope a developer can reach out and give us and idea if any of these features are in the pipeline. 

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