Announcing Project and Roadmap apps for Microsoft Teams


Hello Insiders,


Margaret and Madhuri from the Project team are excited to announce the release of the Project and Roadmap apps in Microsoft Teams. We’ve heard from many of you that connecting directly to Project from Teams is essential and we’re thrilled to make it happen. These apps make it easy to manage, track, and collaborate on all aspects of a team’s project in one place. In addition, they bring content and conversation side-by-side in one integrated experience. Team members can create new projects or roadmaps. They can also open existing ones in Microsoft Teams and keep communications and work within Office 365.


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Hello Evan,


I have just started using MS Project in Teams for the first time and so far it looks great!


I do have a couple of questions if you or one of your colleagues can help or point me in the right direction on:


1) Is it possible to open a MS Teams generated project in the desktop application? I have the project plan 3 so already have desktop access, but I can't seem to find a way of opening the Teams project in this way... This would help greatly, so I can save instances of the project (for baselining purposes).


2) Is there a way to link MS Project tasks and MS Planner? This would help reviewing workloads by using the 'Chart' view in planner to report task summaries where you can filter views by buckets, assignees etc. MS Project has very limited filtering options in Grid view from what I've seen, and none at all in the timeline view.