Add "Delay delivery" to (web) and mobile apps

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One of the features that I really like in the Outlook desktop apps is the ability to delay sending an email, that way I can take notes on the go and ensure the email only gets sent during business hours (to preserve digital work / life balance for my colleagues).


A few tech platforms are introducing digital well being features, and think this feature could be really helpful.


Note:   Another limitation of the delay sending feature is that it requires the sender's machine to have the desktop app running (otherwise the message won't get out of your outbox). 

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Concur and also request that delayed delivery be extended to the iOS app. This would help meet the goal of consistency across UI platforms.

I agree that both are problems. 2.5 years since @RobinCartier first posted this. Feature updates, yes please!@RobinCartier 

Replying to bump this thread up. I desperately need the delayed delivery option for Outlook iOS. It should work like delayed delivery on Outlook on the web, so there should be no dependency on the Outlook application itself being up and running. 

How do we get the Outlook iOS app product manager to read this?



100% agree that the ability to delay sending emails from iOS should have been solved and pushed out long ago.

Agree. Delay send is an essential feature for business email and needs to be added to both Android and iOS apps.



When I press and hold the send button in the Android app I was surprised to find that the delay wasn't an option.

Yes. This feature is essential.

Absolutely agree.  How long before Microsoft takes notice.

Yes please! Can't believe this isn't a feature already
Absolutely needed, especially with the right to disconnect being encouraged.
Even better would be a default setting to delay all emails out of hours with option to manually override if urgent.

@RobinCartier  This was added to outlook on the web months ago 


Schedule send for Outlook on the web - Microsoft Support

It is in the Send button menu in outlook on the web. 

Depending on your interface, it is at the top of the bottom of the compose forum. 




Outlook desktop has a delay for  outside of your business hours (for exchange accounts) - this doesn't need outlook open to send as the message is held on the server. 



Nothing yet for Outlook mobile, but if added would likely only apply to and office 365 mailboxes. 



Yes, please. Sometimes I hit send without including an attachment or mentioning something important, so it would be nice if everything automatically stayed in the Outbox for one minute (across platforms) so that I have sufficient time to realize my mistakes.

Google now automatically drafts emails for you after writing only one sentence, using previous conversations, internal chats, and even your own calendar to predict what you'd like to say... Meanwhile, Microsoft spent $10B on OpenAI, but somehow still has catching up to do.


Strongly agree. Cannot believe this feature is still missing. I need this ability in order to respect my colleagues' right to not work outside of their usual business hours. Also, I would like to be able to avoid emails that might encourage my direct supervisor (I'm their assistant) from working (or at least responding to emails) late at night.

This is even more frustrating to me from an email platform I must use professionally than not being able to insert my business's logos and QR codes in my email signature on any Android based Outlook platform, either the app or the web browser version. Not being able to do that, or delay sending emails, is incredibly frustrating. 


Many people don't have an alternate option to Outlook per their employer's network security policies, which I would think Microsoft would be well aware of. The fact the level of support and features available in software that has to be paid for while other email providers such as Gmail have the "delay send" function and are free of cost is truly absurd.


It feels like Microsoft's knowledge that much of the user base for Office 365 are effectively trapped with having to use that software just means they don't care about keeping their platforms and functionality even at the current average standards of competitors, much less trying to create new capabilities for Outlook 365.


Lacking both these functions drastically reduce how professional I'm able to seem in correspondence. What's equally, if not more, frustrating is that many of these features are available for iOS, both in the browser version of Outlook and in the mobile app, and these features have been available for quite some time. 


My Outlook for Web does not display any Send menu, and I have tried a lot of ways to try to locate it. That's not meant as a slight towards your post, the Microsoft help page was far less helpful than this post, so it's nice to know that some people can set up delayed delivery via Outlook 365's web browser based platform. Not being able to find the Send options menu could also be due to updates to the web version since this was posted, but it seems odd for them to remove functions.