Faulty Office 365 Groups invitation mail?


At our customer, we have been able to invite people to existing Office 365 Groups by simply adding them in SharePoint to the "Site Members" - sounds pretty normal, right?


Now here is the strange part: Some people receive the 'expected' invitation mail with a link to the SharePoint site and such, but also many people receive a 'faulty' invitation mail which contains no link to the inbox, SharePoint site, ... Simply a "welcome to the x-group" and a link to the Connectors page - no link at all to the O365 Group Site, documents or something else related.

mail faulty.pngmail normal.png


Has anyone experienced this lately? 

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I think this has happened because in some cases you have shared directly the Group site but in other cases, you have added a external user to the Group so you get an invitation to the Group
Hi Juan Carlos, thank you for your reaction. All impacted users are internal users with a E1 license. Some groups have external users added, but external users receive a totally different email - as expected (especially since they are being invited through Azure B2B).

Hi @Pieter Op De Beéck,

If I understand correctly, at your customer's, you're adding members internal to your SharePoint Team Site, and you get the faulty email that is effectively missing the body of the email (i.e., see here).


Now I noticed that your "normal look" also doesn't have the conversation and calendaring modalities too, which means it might be a non-'standard' configuration. Could you confirm with us how that tenant's groups are configured here or via PM? I will send this off to our engineers to take a deeper look.


Thanks for reporting.



Hi Ethan, your assumptions are correct. Although, these users do have a license (E1) assigned, yet they have not been moved to Exchange Online yet. In the mean time, they should be able to collaborate within the Office Group (team site) without the option of being involved in Conversations or the group Calendar - that is fine.


I would only hope that these users would receive an "invitation" email with at least a link to the SharePoint team site.