Reinventing collaboration with AI in Microsoft Loop
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Microsoft Loop is the latest app from Microsoft to help teams think, plan, and create together like never before. We have been listening to many customers in our early feedback sessions, and in these sessions a pattern emerged. Every person we spoke to valued collaboration. And they continued to struggle even with the latest iteration of tools. To get past the blank page. To communicate clearly. To stay aware of the work of others. And to keep track of knowledge and resources. We hear you; this is why we're leveraging AI to reinvent collaboration. So, you can focus on the parts you love.


We are finally ready to share what we’ve been working on. And we’re excited for you to play a part in shaping this AI-powered future! To make that happen we are introducing the Experiments tab within Loop Settings, a place to opt-in to cutting-edge features.


An image of the Experiments tab within the Loop app settings providing toggles to enable or disable Copilot and Jumpstart Workspace.An image of the Experiments tab within the Loop app settings providing toggles to enable or disable Copilot and Jumpstart Workspace.

Copilot in Loop


We know that it can be hard to get started from a blank page. Finding the right word, understanding the next steps to attack a problem, and capturing an idea in writing can be a drag – or a great opportunity for a spark of inspiration.


We hope you can let Copilot spark your inspiration. With AI-powered suggestions, Copilot will generate content based on what you ask it to create. Because it’s integrated into Loop, you and your colleagues will be able to collaborate in real-time on the content it generates.


To get started, cycle through some examples with the Create, Brainstorm, Blueprint, and Describe buttons. There are many directions you can take with Copilot, so we also invite you to write your own requests from scratch. Explore and unblock collaboration with the power of AI.


An image demonstrating a preview of Copilot with a user request stating: “Propose an outline for an upcoming meeting to discuss a product launch plan.”An image demonstrating a preview of Copilot with a user request stating: “Propose an outline for an upcoming meeting to discuss a product launch plan.”

Participants in our initial feedback sessions love that they can continue to work with Copilot even after it generates initial text - and we think you will too. You and your team will be able to edit the content directly and continue to build on the output by asking Copilot to change the tone, format, content, and more. The history allows you to rewind and explore without fear of losing any work. With Copilot you're in control.


An animated image demonstrating Copilot in action: Turning an outline into a paragraph, providing additional details, then turning it into an agenda.An animated image demonstrating Copilot in action: Turning an outline into a paragraph, providing additional details, then turning it into an agenda.

We can’t wait to see how you will use Copilot in your day-to-day work. Please share feedback with us in the comments section of this blog or in-app using #Copilot in your feedback so it routes directly to our product team.


An image providing an example of the Give feedback button.An image providing an example of the Give feedback button.

Copilot in Loop FAQ


Who can use Copilot?


  • To help us scale performantly, we are starting with a limited private preview and will provide additional details to our customers about broader availability of these features at a future date.
  • We’re releasing to a North American and English-only audience to start, while we scale content moderation to be complete in other languages and expand our servers globally.
  • Once available and you have opted-in to the experience, you’ll have full access to Copilot. When you share Copilot components, your teammates will be able to see and edit the content in Copilot but won’t be able to Create new Copilot components or send refiners until they’ve opted-in through the experiments tab as well.


What can I use Copilot in Loop for?


There’s a ton of potential here. While we guide you towards writing requests with our examples, these should not limit how you use Copilot in Loop. With a little context and guidance, Copilot can be used for almost anything. For example, here are some things you can try:


  • Spin up new content and tweak it – Copilot can help you draft a newsletter or come up with a list of ideas to get the ball rolling. Not quite, right? Don’t fret – you're in the driver’s seat. Incorporate your voice and make direct edits.
  • Blueprint a plan and roll with it – Not sure what your next move is? Have a vision, but working on a plan? Ask Copilot to outline some steps that you can use as scaffolding for your work.
  • Play with tone and rework it – Trust us, we get email anxiety too. If you need to explore some options before getting more eyes on a draft – just use Copilot to sample different tones and help you rephrase content based on your intent.


Once Enabled, how do I use it?


  • When enabled, you will be able to opt-in by going to the Settings and more button (…) at the top right, clicking on Experiments, and toggling the Copilot setting. If the toggle is disabled for you at the moment, please check back later. We are working hard to roll this out while maintaining strong performance and reliability metrics for existing users. We encourage feedback even if you can’t use the feature.
  • Once enabled, you will be able to add a Copilot component from anywhere by typing "/" (slash) on the Loop canvas.


An image demonstrating the entry point for Copilot within the "/" menu.An image demonstrating the entry point for Copilot within the "/" menu.

Where can I learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to Responsible AI?


  • Our efforts are guided by our AI principles and Responsible AI Standard and build on decades of research on grounding and privacy-preserving machine learning. Microsoft’s work on AI is reviewed for potential harms and mitigations by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, and policy experts. We use the Azure Content Moderation Stack across our services to monitor and filter harmful content. Technologies like, InterpretML and Fairlearn help to detect and correct data bias.
  • Copilot in Loop builds on our existing commitments to data security and privacy in the enterprise. Copilot automatically inherits your organization’s security, compliance, and privacy policies for Microsoft 365. Data is managed in line with our current commitments. The large language models leveraged by Copilot are not trained on your tenant data.
  • Finally, we have worked to design an experience that prioritizes human agency and puts the user in control. This includes noting limitations, and we encourage users to review, fact-check, and fine-tune content based on their own knowledge and judgment.

Jumpstart workspace


When you have a vision for a project, you just want to get rolling. It’s often hard, though, because the “stuff” that makes up a project is scattered. You have to switch between different applications, make connections across existing resources, and go through the manual process of aggregating all project-related collateral. All while breaking organizational siloes.


Jumpstart helps you set the foundation. It’s designed to help you quickly cherry-pick your starting materials from a set of AI-powered suggestions. Gather important content from SharePoint or OneDrive for Business into your workspace, all without leaving the context of Loop.


Based on the name of the workspace, we begin to surface an initial set of files. If you give Loop additional context by providing a set of keywords, we’ll cast a wider net and show more suggestions. Then, all you need to do is shuffle through the result tabs, select the files you want to pull in, and click Create. They’ll show up in your Loop workspace’s left navigation pane shortly after the workspace is created.


We’re hoping that this experience will empower you to make connections beyond a simple file search. With Jumpstart, you can bring materials into the workspace that are directly – or even tangentially – related. Who knows, it might help your team spark a lightbulb moment and add depth to your project.


An animated image demonstrating Jumpstart in action by adding Microsoft Word and Loop files to their workspace.An animated image demonstrating Jumpstart in action by adding Microsoft Word and Loop files to their workspace.

You can help us continue to build out this feature by leaving comments below or tagging #Jumpstart in your in-app feedback. How can our suggestions better serve your needs, even after workspace creation? What other kind of “stuff” would you want to pull into your workspace? We’re all ears. 


Jumpstart FAQ


How do I enable and use Jumpstart workspace?


  • Enterprise customers can opt-in to Jumpstart through the experiments tab. After opting in, hit the "Add new workspace" (+) button from the main landing page in Loop to get started.


What kind of content can I pull into my workspace?


  • Files that live in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint – from apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Loop. Really, anything that you have access to with your enterprise account. But it doesn’t have to stop there, let us know what else you’d like to pull in for an even richer experience.


Stay tuned – there’s a lot in store


We also wanted to share a sneak peek of some upcoming AI-powered features that will help improve the way you work together with others. Two of the biggest pain points we hear from you are how challenging it can be for your team to quickly come up-to-speed on what happened and decide what to do next. Endless notifications and fast-moving projects make it hard to quickly determine where your time is best spent.


In the next few months, Loop will help you make sense of everything that’s going on with new AI-powered summarization capabilities. Whether it’s returning to a project after that vacation, smoothly handing off work between teammates, or getting the high-level overview of a page, these new summarization experiences will help you and your team stay in sync and on track so you can dive back in with confidence. Be on the lookout for more details soon.


An image demonstrating features on desktop (left) and mobile (right) devices to help users save time and energy.An image demonstrating features on desktop (left) and mobile (right) devices to help users save time and energy.

We’re excited about the path you’ve guided us to with AI in Loop – and we’d love your continued input along the way. Please be sure to keep an eye out for new features and let us know if you have any suggestions by using the #Copilot or #Jumpstart tag in your feedback, or simply leaving a comment in the comment section below. 


We can't wait to see how you will use AI in Loop to uplevel your work!


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Steel Contributor

@Theo Lorrain-Hale , Great stuff and am loving Loop new hub app. My Team and I are already using Viva Sales and many Generative AI features with the Viva Team. Is it possible to gain access to Microsoft 365 and Loop Copilot sooner? 

Copper Contributor

Definitely, it's a good product, but compared to others, we get less customization, and at first glance, it can be a little confusing in terms of what to do and how to do it. , but I believe you will improve it and capture the market. #Copilot

Copper Contributor

Hello. This message is still generated in the organization; even though 3 policies were enabled from " The Loop app is not enabled in your organization.  The administrator must enable the loop to sign in and collaborate in their organization."

Copper Contributor

Thank you for the article. I have found the settings, but it seems that Copilot cannot be used as it is grayed out.

As mentioned above, "Oops! Our processing power seems to be in high demand! Take a break, we'll be back soon. Please continue to stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your patience!"


I hope that I can use it smoothly in the future.

Brass Contributor

The new app is great! Please make all the functionality open to Guests too - don't leave consultants out in the cold, we need to collaborate with our clients too!!!

Brass Contributor

@mabvill have you assigned owner(s) and member(s) to the policy? Mine didn't work until I did that.

Copper Contributor

@mabvill The config change can take up to 24 hours. Otherwise, I would double check your security group to make sure the users you want to be in the preview are selected.


The page is new to me, but it seems very powerful.

I'm excited to get early access to copilot.

Copper Contributor

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of loop since it was first announced. It sounded like the perfect replacement for our current documentation tools. 


After playing with it for a little bit today, I've come to realize that loop is VERY basic. There are a lot of features that should exist in this kind of app but are remarkably absent after 2+ years of development. 


Here is a short list of missing features and annoyances:

  • No Table of Contents component
  • No Code Block with Syntax Highlighting component.
  • No Layout Columns
  • Components can be expanded, but the rest of the content doesn't seem to be able to expand to fill the available space. This leaves you with a bunch of empty space on either side of the content, which looks weird. 
  • You can't change the color or format of headings..
  • You can't nest tables. 
  • There is no attachments/files component. 
  • You can't enable Copilot at the moment. 

Loop is more underwhelming than the Windows 10 version of OneNote. That is an impressive achievement considering that Microsoft nerfed so many features that no one would adopt it.


Please do better. 

Copper Contributor

Tengo un par de consultas:

Cuando tendría habilitado Copilot para utilizar?

Se puede incrustar videos dentro de mi espació de trabajo, que no sean links?


Muchas gracias!

@David_Swenson, @BrianHsiao Thanks for the excitement! There is no way for us to grant early access, but we encourage you to give feedback on how you would like to use it even if you don't yet have access.

@JoeEttenThank you for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback; it is incredibly important for us especially in a preview release. To help our product team understand the impact of your feedback, could you please explain how you would use this feature and why it's important to you? For example, if your feedback includes nesting tables, let us know how this would fit into your workflow - whether in a meeting or in specs - and how important it is compared to other features we might consider investing in. Speaking as someone who reads a lot of feedback, detailed feedback is essential when deciding which features to work on next. Keep it coming!

Steel Contributor

@Theo Lorrain-Hale, I see myself, my team and my customers using the Copilot function to bring data via the MS Graph from their Tenant into the Loop. I find this to be the most cumbersome part to figure out on the fly with the current UI and I can see where @mention of Copilot would make this easier with a call for a specific file, meeting recording, transcription, viva sales connection,... 

Brass Contributor

Thank you

@NobodyX23 - We don't currently support embedded videos that are not links. Currently, we support embedding YouTube links and we will soon support links of videos that have been added to OneDrive or Stream. Thank you for feedback!

Copper Contributor

Muchas gracias por tu respueta @Constance Gervais!

Copper Contributor

@Theo Lorrain-Hale, please add document/files as I agree it is missing a attachment/files component. I wanted to use this with a team and was trying to add documents our team had already started and since I would have to recreate them it wasn't worth the extra time so back to Teams I went.

Copper Contributor

how about a web clipper? now we  have "Collection" in microsoft edge, and onenote web clipper for onenote, so, how about a clipper for loop? it would be helpful, i think. And how about a real person homepage to share, like notion...:xd:

Copper Contributor

En Argentina, no veo la hora de que activen Copilot para AmLat. Deberían usar la misma filosofía de siempre de Insider, que no solo sale en una región. Windows Insider y Office Insider, estamos acostumbrados a que no haya "pre-estrenos" solo en uno o dos países sino globalmente. Pienso que es muy importante para la imagen de la empresa, ser consistentes con no restringir nacionalmente las previews.

Brass Contributor

A few observations after a bit of use:


1. the feedback button (question mark bottom right) doesn't work. Click, and nothing... using MS Edge latest version. 

2. as someone mentioned already - the content doesn't resize to the window. on a big(ish) screen this leaves a lot of wasted space left and right. Tables get cramped when they don't need to be. 

3. column types - please increase these. particularly please include the Lookup type so that we can relate tables. 

4. files picker using @ symbol. This is great if you know the file name, but if you want to browse it's not good. Clicking the -> icon doesn't lead to anything. Should that lead to a files browser?

5. guest access. please make this seamless. So many orgs collaborate with consultants these days, please don't make that awkward. If so then more people will move to Google Workspace.

     5.1 please allow guests to be chosen in the 'People' column type. This should be possible across M365 but for some annoying reason it's not. 


It's a fantastic product - well done team! you are the model to follow for the rest of Microsoft!

Copper Contributor

Unfortunately I am unable to test this amazing productivity app, the version Microsoft let me test hasn't any of Microsoft 365 Integrations, looks like the first version of Notion when it's released, it's incapable of sum simple columns a result Collum. 

It's so far behind Taskade, Notion, ClickUp and Walling that I am not even usuing it more, after 15 minutes I gave up, who incompetent the app was.

When this version I am using is capable of doing something useful I will try again, in mean while I will watch YouTube videos for those who are using the REAL APP of Microsoft Loop.

Copper Contributor

Like others I have the same message about high demand for Co-pilot. It appears that the release is the for USA only at present.

Copper Contributor

It would be appreciated to have an admin setting to control these two features. I doubt many medium to large firms would be happy to allow their end users to enable this themselves.

Iron Contributor

One of the big blockers for Microsoft Loop is that it cant be used in Group Chats outside of the organisation (so we all default back to email) or in Teams Channels without sending a link to the loop (which impacts flow and productivity). Is this in roadmap?

Copper Contributor

I would love to experience this feature as soon as possible because I need it for my job

Steel Contributor

@Theo Lorrain-Hale , when will we be able to apply Sensitivity Labels to Loops and Loop components? This is critical for our DLP posture before we can roll Loop out broadly to our customers. 

Brass Contributor

@Theo Lorrain-Hale please consider adding a waiting list for people not from the US but predominantly english speaking (my profiles f.e. are all english only). Let us at least sign up for it and show our interest! ;)

Copper Contributor

I would like to apply for use. I can help you scale performantly. I have a lot of time to use and provide feedback.

Copper Contributor

Ich interessiere mich für das CoPilot-Projekt, weil ich glaube, dass es viele Vorteile für die betriebliche Effizienz und Sicherheit bieten kann. Ich denke, dass die meisten Probleme, die auftreten könnten, durch betriebsspezifische Spiegellösungen ausgeglichen werden könnten. Außerdem möchte ich die neuesten Technologien kennenlernen und meine Fähigkeiten erweitern.

Copper Contributor

Estou ansioso para que a ferramenta fique liberada no Brasil. Parece muito poderosa. Senti falta do widget Table of Contents. Ajudaria muito a produzir textos melhores. De qualquer forma, parabéns pela ferramenta. Parece muito poderosa e estou ansioso para utilizá-la.

Copper Contributor

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Copper Contributor

Error, Error, and Error all the times


what a great product:facepalm:


Copper Contributor

I don't understand why I can't use the Copilot, Can't let me get it on!

Copper Contributor

Can I please get co-pilot access? I'd like to be a tester.


Using Copilot merely as a tool to respond to the blank-page or FRE scenario is a missed opportunity. What I would love would be to start with the job to be done: "I have a bunch of stuff I need to consolidate across teams and organizations, and present it in a way that's navigable, searchable, and also allows collaboration among a limited set of stakeholders" -- and then let AI pick the tool or combo of tools. By the time I've settled on Loop, or OneNote, or a shared doc or ppt deck or whatever, I've already made tradeoffs that I might not have been aware of.

Copper Contributor

Dear Microsoft Loop Copilot Team,

I am writing this letter with excitement and gratitude, hoping to participate in and contribute to the internal testing program of Microsoft Loop Copilot. As a developer and innovator who is passionate about new technologies, I am eagerly looking forward to collaborating with you and experiencing the limitless potential of Loop Copilot.

I am thrilled about the concept and features of Loop Copilot. As a tool that assists in code writing and provides real-time suggestions, I believe it will significantly enhance my development efficiency and quality. By leveraging deep integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Loop Copilot will understand my intentions and provide accurate and valuable suggestions, enabling me to write high-quality code more efficiently.

我热衷于参与内部测试计划,因为我相信我有能力充分利用 Loop Copilot,并提供有关用户体验、功能改进和错误修复的宝贵反馈。我非常愿意积极参与讨论、测试和分享我的使用经验,以帮助增强和塑造 Loop Copilot 的未来。

作为一名开发人员,我一直在追求更高效、更智能的开发工具,以改善我的工作流程和创作能力。我相信Loop Copilot将成为实现这一目标的关键工具。通过参与内部测试计划,我将有机会在早期阶段体验并深入了解Loop Copilot的功能和潜力。此外,我将能够与志同道合的开发人员互动,交流见解和经验。

我真诚地希望成为Microsoft Loop Copilot内部测试计划的一部分,并与您合作探索这一创新工具。我期待着与您合作,并为Loop Copilot的成功贡献我的努力和见解。


Copper Contributor

我热衷于参与内部测试计划,因为我相信我有能力充分利用 Loop Copilot,并提供有关用户体验、功能改进和错误修复的宝贵反馈。我非常愿意积极参与讨论、测试和分享我的使用经验,以帮助增强和塑造 Loop Copilot 的未来。

作为一名开发人员,我一直在追求更高效、更智能的开发工具,以改善我的工作流程和创作能力。我相信Loop Copilot将成为实现这一目标的关键工具。通过参与内部测试计划,我将有机会在早期阶段体验并深入了解Loop Copilot的功能和潜力。此外,我将能够与志同道合的开发人员互动,交流见解和经验。

我真诚地希望成为Microsoft Loop Copilot内部测试计划的一部分,并与您合作探索这一创新工具。我期待着与您合作,并为Loop Copilot的成功贡献我的努力和见解。

Copper Contributor

I really want to get started with Loop but it's not letting me in! I've added the new group, etc but nothing:( Please can anyone help. PS I work on a mac

Copper Contributor

As many of us have already mentioned we are really excited to try out Microsoft Loop, but this experience can be leveraged to a greater degree by allowing CoPilot to be used by the users. We all are data professionals and the feedback provided by such a greater set of users will be useful to train and tweak the bugs in the model.


Copper Contributor

You can see the efforts that Microsoft is making with Loop but it is missing, if they really want to be a good option and really compete with apps like Notion, they must integrate a database engine within loop and with different types of data, with different ways of To visualize said data, a technology or engine similar to Microsoft List could be created but within Loop.

What makes Notion unique is that you can create databases on databases, the main data being not plain text but a Notion page, which at the same time said page can accept another database engine, that is what It really makes Notion unique and why many people like it.

How to explain it, the ideal app would be a mix of: being able to collaborate on multiple platforms, integrating a powerful database engine, having multiple options to view that data, being able to create database engines within database engines, components or pages. within the components, that the pages can be labeled and that the data can finally be exported, perhaps with power automate or any other type of technology, and that integrates artificial intelligence.

Copper Contributor

I use microsoft 365 and try Loop but i didn't find Copilot. How can i fix it

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