Default Notes tab in Microsoft Teams for Enterprise customers
Published Jun 26 2023 09:00 AM 9,638 Views

We are happy to announce that Microsoft Teams Enterprise (non-EDU) users will now get a “Notes” tab, powered by OneNote, added by default to the tabs bar on creation of new standard channels to enable rich notetaking experience. This feature has started rolling out and you will get it soon if you haven’t already.


Notes tab in Microsoft Teams on a desktop device


OneNote is the sole notetaking app across Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and already powers notetaking in Teams channels for EDU customers. With this update, it would allow Enterprise (non-EDU) customers to leverage this capability as well. Please note, this feature is only available on standard channels, and not on private or shared channels yet.


We’ll not create any new OneNote notebook but leverage the default notebook that gets created at a team level for this purpose. When a new standard channel is created within the team, a new section will be created with the same name as that of the channel, dedicated for notetaking within this channel.


OneNote will help users with:

  • Easy collaboration on OneNote pages across the team with co-edit and page-level conversation
  • All channel notes are organized within a single OneNote notebook, making it easier to find
  • Richer OneNote editing with typing, ink annotations, highlighting, file attachments, etc.
  • Easy recall and search for channel notes within OneNote on any platform
  • Access your notes from anywhere, even outside Teams on OneNote


Previously, this capability was powered by Wiki, which is set to retire from Teams. If you are an existing Wiki user, you can choose to export your notes to OneNote from the Wiki tab itself. You can experience the above notetaking capabilities in OneNote by migrating from Wiki. Also, we will retain a read-only copy for you in the Wiki app, so you don’t lose anything.


Wiki migration to Notes tab in Microsoft teams on a desktop device


This feature is in progress and will start rolling out shortly.


We’re excited about a richer OneNote experience within Teams channels, and we’ll keep listening to your feedback to make your notetaking experience even better! Share your feedback with us. Follow the OneNote Blog and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for regular product updates.


Did you know? The Microsoft 365 Roadmap is where you can get the latest updates on productivity apps and intelligent cloud services. Check out what features are in development or coming soon on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, or view roadmap item, Microsoft Teams: New ‘notes’ tab when creating a standard channel.

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