Word for Mac question re: Outline View and Collapsible Subdocuments feature (or equivalent)

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There's a feature of Word 2016 for Windows that I can't find in a sample version of Word for Mac 2016: In the Windows version, in Outline View, there's the option of activating "Collapsible Subdocuments"; when you do this, every line in a document that you've designated as a "heading" (at whatever level—"Heading 1," "Heading 2," etc.) becomes clickable, and when you hover one of these headings, a small gray triangle appears next to it. You can click to collapse all the text below the heading and above the following heading of the same level, and click again to make that text visible again. I need a feature like this—either this exact feature or some equivalent—for a project I'm working on, in which I'm adding thousands of lines of details and notes across dozens of sections of the document; I want to be able to immediately access the details notes as needed (so I DON'T want to store them in separate documents elsewhere on my hard drive), but also to keep them hidden, or collapsed, most of the time.

Is there a "Collapsible Subdocuments" feature in the Outline View (or anywhere else) in Word for Mac 2016? Or even Word for Mac 2011?

Separately, is there any other feature or set of commands I can use to achieve the same results, in either the older or newer version of Word for Mac?

Many thanks for any guidance you can offer.

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