Where is the "Microsoft Places" app?

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Last year, Microsoft announced "Microsoft Places" at Ignite, and the video for this is still online, too. There are even features that have been stopped because of the supposedly imminent arrival of this new app.


But somehow, there has been no news anywhere about Micro since October 2022. The about to start beta did not start, and on the 365 roadmap, all is silence.


Or did I miss anything?

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My insider source says it's being piloted with a handful of clients in the US.



I am not sure Microsoft Places to be integrated with Microsoft Teams?

Any updates on this since July? Features within Microsoft Search (Floorplans) are now deprecated in preparation for MS Places, but there have been no public announcements on Places for some time! We'd love to pilot/test Places in our org.

The lack of information is deafening !

Ive been chasing more info on Places for >6months......

I have a million questions.....and a workplace strategy on hold which isnt good


Microsoft Ignite starts tomorrow and there are a few hints that Places will be discussed.

They created an indoor map for the event:

Mentions of "convergence and digital worlds": https://ignite.microsoft.com/en-US/sessions/8f87629c-dd0b-421d-8db8-2a9d0bb06ffb?source=sessions

I may just be speculating out of my butt. They don't mention Places at all anywhere, so either it's going to be one of the things they announce right off the bat, or it'll be straight up MIA. I think if there's a time for more information to come out, though, it'll be this.


Seems MIA, and the announcement link has been scrubbed, frustratingly. "Microsoft Places will be available in 2023." That's an unequivocal statement, so crickets at Ignite is not helping the ol' blood pressure. 

no information about MS Place at Ignite ..... humm strange

After scouring the Book of News last night I can concur! What is going on with that app? Maybe it's going to be like Loop and have about a 3 year gap between announcement and availability :cry:

@Jim_Thisandthat   Does anyone think we will see this in '2023'?

Judging by a reply from a moderator on the answers.microsoft site - sounds like pans have changed a little.

The post is below:

"All, from the reply 8/24/23, "After thorough research and consulting, it’s been concluded that Microsoft Places will be integrated with the Microsoft 365 solutions customers use every day, like Outlook, Teams, and Viva", there won't be a product/service names "MS Places". From the statement those features will be integrated with Outlook, Teams, and Viva."
That was the OP of that thread reiterating what the original moderator's response was. The mod's response didn't say that there "wouldn't be a MS places", that was just the OP speculating. I believe that Places will act as a centralized location for Outlook, Teams, and Viva in the context of the workplace. The design of the https://outlook.office.com/places/ site did change, as pointed out, from a Places logo saying that it's being tested by pilot users, now to a lock and key saying that you'll get an email when your team gets access.
Is their more information on this? It seems like a cool concept but no release data for it at all.