Weirdness in O365 ProPlus channel versions today


Current and FRDC channels showing the same version. Seeing this after forcing an update in both the channels today.


This cant be right. Is anybody else seeing this?





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My bad. I keep forgetting that the Feature updates impact the CC as well as FRDC every 4 months :-(. The technet pages have just been updated too.


Good catch, it's also worth pointing out if you haven't come across it yet, everything changes in September.


The names of the Office 365 ProPlus update channels are changing: Current Channel -> Monthly Channel, FRDC -> Semi-annual Channel (Pilot) & Deferred Channel -> Semi-annual Channel (Broad)


Two updates a year - Office 365 ProPlus will get feature updates in Semi-annual Channel (Pilot) twice a year, in March and September. Those feature updates will then be available in Semi-annual Channel (Broad) four months later, in July and January.


18 months of support. Extended support for Office 365 ProPlus semi-annual feature updates from 12 to 18 months (starting from the initial release)


Further details in the link.