Weird Onenote sync issue.

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Hi everyone.

I have a really weird OneNote issue. So I am a student and I currently write my notes out in OneNote. I will download the lecture slides prior to the lecture, I will then use the printout function to put the slide onto my OneNote page, then go to the lecture and write notes on top of and next to the lecture slides. After the lecture I will then pull up that same OneNote page but on my laptop so I can then write out detailed 'condensed notes'. I write these condensed notes out on the same OneNote page but off to the side (because it's nice to have all the possible information that I may need when revising the lecture later on). Its a really good system and I love it when it works but sometimes it will have a problem.


Sometimes I will begin to write my notes out, get 15 minutes into my study session then have half of my notes delete. Like if I was writing out the word capillary I would instead get  ap l  ry because half of the word would delete. I will include a screenshot of this. 

I've been round and round with both my universities IT support and even had a go with Microsoft tech support and have had no luck. Its currently happening about once daily and if I cant find a solution soon I will be forced to switch software which I really don't want to do. 


I'm currently using a Samsung Tablet S6 and a Lenovo yoga 710


Thanks in advance for hopefully some help!



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You have probably already tried this, but....

Check out the parallel thread on this issue:

The solution to the issue for now is the following:

a) Install the latest windows 10 updates (in particular KB3093266).

b) Disable automatic handwriting recognition in OneNote 2016 (in File > Options> Advanced).

This seems to fix the disappearing ink issue, from what I have heard. I myself downgraded back to Office 2013 edition (it took some effort), where the problem hadn't occurred for me.