Unable to activate Office 365 ProPlus E3

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We are currently running a Windows 10 trial with some users from our business and some users are unable to fully activate their Office 365 E3 ProPlus Office 2016 license on their computers. When signing in with their 365 credentials in an Office application they get stuck in an endless activation loop.

Having run the command "cscript.exe ospp.vbs /dstatus", the user is only assigned the "Office 16, Office16O365ProPlusR_Grace edition" license, rather than the "Office 16, Office16O365ProPlusR_Subscription1 edition" license. I myself do not have this problem and neither do the rest of my colleages in my IT Team. The users that have this problem initially had the license working for them and then when they last reset their on-premise passwords their Office365 license appears to have reset itself.

In the interim, I have had to license these users under my Office 365 subscription so they can continue working. This issue is logged with MS Support however they've so far asked me to try various troubleshooting scenarious.

So far we have tried using cscript to remove any old licenses, cleared credential manager and removed identities and license info from liceses and app data locations. Yesterday we were able to license a user on a non-domain standalone laptop so this points to a possible problem with our infrastructure. One thing to note is that we login to our computer with ourdomain.co.uk however our email address is ourdomain.com and this is what is used for our O365 sign-in identity - Microsoft suggested that our windows sign-in might be conflicting and suggested that our AD environment is likely the root cause of this issue. I tried changing a users on-premise login to ourdomain.com but that made no difference in regards to activation. Yes myself and my other IT colleagues as mentioned above have no problem activating office on affected users computers.

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Have you tried creating this registry key:




For your referece - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4025962/can-t-sign-in-after-update-to-office-2016-build-16-...