Sync error - need help ASAP

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Use school email for OneNote. got a job as a tutor, then my email changed. I'm guessing that cause the error. I have talked with tech support from my university. They joined the two emails or something. Still have sync issues. Recently called back, and they told me that a lot of student are having OneNote sync errors as well.

Onenote for windows 10 Version 16001.14326.20018.0
School: UTSA San Antonio Texas

Cannot update OneNote any further. Unless windows store is bugged. I have updated windows 10 all the way to fix the issue but it is still there.

NO I will not "sign out and sign back in" because that will risk loosing data. I have gone through the forums and nothing has helped. I have tried resetting the windows store with the wsreset command. Still not syncing.

Page has never been synced | E0001462 bukxq 30105 | 2a3f0668-a1c9-4fb4-91f1-75894f13f2e2 202109040400



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The E0001462 bukxq 30105 is back :(