Sticky Notes on iOS is syncing one way only

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Since a few days ago, I noticed that the Sticky Notes on the iOS app is syncing one-way only. What I do on the iOS app gets synced to the cloud, but what I do everywhere else do not get updated on the iOS app. For example, if I create a Sticky Note on the iOS, I can see it on the web. If I then delete this note on the web, the copy on the iOS app do not get deleted. 


This happens in all of my iOS devices. This problem is just on Sticky Notes; OneNote notes are okay.


Does anybody else have this experience?

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Have exact same problem to you any idea how to fix it?

@Melbourne1977 No idea. I posted the same issue on Reddit and it doesn't seem like anybody has a fix. I think it's just One Note being One Note. I'm now using another software for Sticky Notes-like functionality. There are many options out there. 

Exactly same behavior on my iOS and Win 10! Stickies created on iPhone almost immediately show up in Win 10, but any changes to that sticky done on PC do NOT get synced back to iPhone. Neither does the iPhone see any other stickies visible to all other synced non-iOS devices, new or old).


My workaround: manually pasting text from Win 10 stickies into iOS iCloud Notes over a browser.


iOS OneNote ver: 16.46 (21020800)