Sorry, another account from your organization is already signed in

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We often receive complaints from users that they are unable to open a shared document in Word (desktop).


They receive a link, are able to open it in the Word browser app, when opening it in Word (desktop). They are asked for credentials (although they are properly logged in in Word). 


After providing the credentials, a message pops up saying "Sorry, another account from your organization is already signed in on this computer".


When checking the account logged in to Word, the correct user account is logged in.


How can we troubleshoot this issue?



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In my understanding, the account with which you are logged in in Word is independent of the account with which you authenticate to SPO when following a link to an item (even if the item is a Word document).

Hence the message that you see, IMHO, is quite self-explanatory: you are trying to access an SPO item with different credentials from those with which you are already authenticated in another session (not counting the Word login).

Do you get the same message if you try to open the link in an in-private session of the browser?

Hello Salvatore,


The message may be self-explanatory but it's not correct. The user has only one account. The message is generated by Word, so trying an inprivate session doesn't impact this.


They are logged into Outlook Online with their account, they click a link to a document, it opens in Word Online, without problem.


From there they open it in Word desktop and they are requested to log after which the error appears.



We are having the same issue.