Skype for Business and Outlook on macOS


Would anyone have any detals on the plans to have integration between Outlook and Skype for Business on macOS? Every time I setup a meeting on my Mac, I have to go to my Windows machine to add the details of the Skype call. I reckon the same applies to Outlook on iOS - I can setup a Skype meeting from Windows Mobile, not from my iPhone. 

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Are you using the beta of Skype4b mac ? This function works with the Lynx for mac client, b/it not in the current beta of the replacement yet, I assume it'll come before release.

Thank you, Steven. Yes, I'm using Skype for Business - not Lync. I was not aware this was already supported with the Lync client. Like you say, I can only assume it will therefore also be included in the Skype for Business client once it is fully baked. Is there an ETA for GA already? 

Currently you need to have both Lync 2011 and Skype for Business for Mac running on your Mac to be able to make online meeting reservations on your Outlook. The functionality will be present in some future release of SfB for Mac, they say...