Since a recent update on Office 365 plus update on Gmail, Outlook not synching to Gmail IMAP

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Outlook 365 for Mac is no longer synching to Gmail. My other iOS devices are synching with no issues and I can see a whole lot of messages sitting waiting for sync if I sign on to Google Webmail. I have checked that IMAP sync is active on Gmail's settings as obviously it must be or it would not be syncing with iOS devices. I have tried deleting the Gmail account and re-creating with no improvement. There are no sync errors listed in the logging system of Outlook and the account says it is connected to my Gmail account address. My POP emails and IMAP to both Apple and Orange France are working just fine (I have sent test messages from my default POP mail and both synced within a few seconds). 


Any suggestions? I am running OS 10.15.3 Catalina on a 2.7GHz 2016 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM. I  have tried a cache clear with Clean my Mac plus a restart with no improvement. 

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@Wilson Laidlaw 


This morning to my total surprise, Gmail has sprung to life and delivered the last three days of mail to the inbox on Outlook on my MBP. I had not done anything, so my guess is that this points to the non-delivery problem lying with Google, not me.