Remember NTLM proxy credentials on Office 2016

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When I use the Office 2016 for Mac applications on my work computer that connects to the network via HTTP Proxy with NTLMv2, every time I am asked to provide proxy credentials.

You should find a way to store these credentials in Office or use the ones stored in the network settings of Mac.


Note: The company's proxy does not support the HTTPS protocol and connects to port 8080

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With 15.25.0 update (160817) of Office 2016 it was introduced a regression in solving the problem.

It always appears the authentication screen but with a request to access the Kerberos server (when in fact the Proxy Server is NTLM) and the presence of a new domain field.

I tried putting the domain of belonging: WORKGROUP but when I press on "Save", give me out an error message that can not get the KDC (Kerberos Key Distribution Center) from the realm.


Up to version 15.24.0 although it appeared continually authentication screen you could continue to use office, but now as long as you do not complete the authentication gets you access to the programs, and this does not allow me to work until I disconnect the cable of my corporate network.


It is even more absurd because the authentication system NTLM was made by your company, and that the only program among all those I have on Mac is Office 2016 not having to work with corporate network, and that you make then compatible with other authentication systems (as Kerberos).

Note that these types of authentication problems are not present in Office for Mac 2011 and 2008.


I believe that as long as you do not solve this problem you need to at least extend the term of compatibility updates on Office 2011 and extend the download period of this program for those who have a Office 365 subscription, since it was set withdrawal September 22.