OneNote won't sync, and when it does, my notes disappear

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I use OneNote on my Surface to take notes during class. I've only had it a month, and the first few weeks went great. Then it wouldn't sync, so I logged onto OneNote online to see what the issue was. None of my notes were there, so it looked like they hadn't been syncing since I started. Afterwards, I opened OneNote on my Surface and all of my notes had disappeared! I was able to recover two of my sections from the Recents tab, but the rest were gone. I've been trying to find those notes since last week, and now OneNote is refusing to sync again (says that "We can't access this section file or the attached file because the file was moved, the file name is invalid, or the file permissions have been changed), and I am afraid I'm about to lose all of my notes again. First, how can I get back my notes? Those had weeks worth of class material and homework, and I would really like to have them back. Second, how do I get my OneNote to sync my notes without losing them again? 

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