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I was wondering what has happened to drag and drop in OneNote, it's causing me frustration but perhaps unnecessarily.  In the downloadable OneNote programme you can still drag and Word file from an email and insert it as a print out in OneNote.  This is an extremely useful function.  This programme is no longer supported, as I understand, and Microsoft are trying to migrate everyone over to the app.  Which would be fine, but it's not as good as the original software!  Every time I attempt to drag and drop a word file into the app I get a message which says something like 'Sorry we couldn't add a print-out of...' and then implies there is something wrong with the file (which there isn't).  Has anyone found a workaround for this?  Has this function been removed and if so is it likely to put back?  Thanks in advance.  

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Hi @NicktheVic 


I see the same on my set up too. I don't have a workaround, but the desktop app of OneNote had it's mainstream support extended into 2023 with extended support until 2025 (Your OneNote - Microsoft Tech Community) . I've added feedback on the OneNote regarding this problem; the more people who raise it the better chance that it is addressed sooner rather than later.