Onenote copy/cut paste ink drawings are unproportional

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I've been using Onenote for quite sometime, and this issue has always been happening but just now I decided I've had enough with it and want to find a solution. I looked online everywhere to find the solution but couldn't find one.

After writing something with my pen on the Onenote app on my Windows 10 touch laptop, for example the "Hello" written at the top of the image below, it looks fine. When I copy (or cut) and paste the copy anywhere on the board it "expands" the drawing like seen in the "Hello" at the bottom of the image.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, reset, tried to repair Onenote without a solution.

How do I fix this?




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Don't think you can fix this. You could try converting the handwriting to typed text using the inbuilt functionality. You can at least then re-size it and, if you wish, change the font. Suspect that OneNote has a default size for copy/paste of handwriting!
Suppose I don't only write in English, I use many mathematical terms and draw graphs and equations that doesn't help me sadly.

Did you find a way to fix the issue? @Tomersc 


Yes, you must open the Onenote page/section while englush keyboard is set on your computer and then it will work well.