onenote and sticky notes

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I'm confused about the relationship between sticky notes and onenote.

On the iphone they seem to be the same, on the laptop, something different.

In any event, this is what I want to do:

I want to use mostly voice dictation to dictate notes on the iphone or tablet

Then I want to put them in the appropriate place in onenote on the laptop:

For instance a training routine, pin to the calendar

A note about a picture I took, in a page set up for it onenote with the picture.


Ideally I'd just like to pin the sticky note, not copy it or rewrite it.  But on the laptop

the sticky notes seem to be something else and onenote has its own system that's 

unconscious of these notes.  On the iphone, when I bring up onenote, sticky notes is what



Can anyone help me out of my confuseion?

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