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I’m running the public beta version of iPadOS 14. Apple now has a feature called scribble, which let’s the user take the Apple Pencil and hardwrite text into any text field and Apple converts it to typed text. This doesn’t work in the current version of OneNote. I suspect that is because of the way that OneNote executes its free form text boxes.


Will OneNote eventually support this feature. I’d REALLY like to take notes in OneNote with my pencil and using handwriting, but having the Apple functionality turn it into text. FYI, it already works on Evernote. 

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Hope Microsoft is working on this, I’d be keen to know as well.

@SCSisselI was very disappointed by this issue. I was very excited for this os update , but one note didn't let me use it in my school Notes. I hope fix it soon.

Microsoft has talented engineers.Please fix this issue so that I don't switch back to Evernote

No news about this so far?

Sometimes Microsoft is so behind.....

At the same time, the fix this missing feature they could add a two-tap gesture for undoing as many other apps already have. It would increase the productivity potential a lot.


There are some other missing features such as the possibility of drawing shapes with coloured fill that are also regrettable. 

It is hard to understand how an app with such potential still lacks in some of the basics.

@SCSissel I also can't wait until OneNote officially supports this feature. In the meantime I created a little web app that makes use of Apples Scribble feature to capture your notes. Then you can copy the translated text to OneNote.

It's completely free and you can access it here:

Hope it helps!

@SCSissel I too hope this is in the plans... Was sad to try it and then denied!!! 

@SCSissel  I can't guarantee if this will work for everyone, but I am able to use Apple Scribble on the web version of OneNote on my Ipad 8th gen using Microsoft Edge.  It's not 100% user friendly with regards to scratching out, but it captures the written text and converts very nicely.  Give it a shot until they can get the App updated.

I did not have the same luck with the web version. It kept sending me to the app. Then I removed the app and it kept sending me to a splash page asking me to install the app. So I still can't use scribble. :( @chenry2 

@lisadiaz I've been using this keyboard app as a workaround. Use it as the keyboard option when using the pencil and it converts handwriting to text regardless of what application you are using. I like the fact it starts to learn your handwriting over time too.

@SCSissel Scribble is entering a year of existence and has improved remarkably during that time.


OneNote has had traditionally large latent delays toward supporting these new features and while other products support these features ahead of Microsoft. (e.g., Evernote, Miro, etc.) they appear to be no threat.


This is unfortunate as I am forced to utilize OneNote less and less moving toward other alternatives that remain current with advancing Apple technologies.

I have subsequently migrated to Craft Notes, which has been a revelation. A wonderful tool on many dimensions. I’d encourage you to try it!

@SCSissel Craft Docs looks intriguing. I also use Nemo similar to that which allows freeform drawing.

Plz Msoft I need this so bad
+1 I can't believe this is not already enabled. Really a mood killer when getting a new Ipad and finding I can't easily use my established OneNote with Scribble.


Thank you!

@mweinmann imagine I just found out that this still doesn't work and I just got the iPad. Total mood killer. It's unbelievable, it's already March 2022. What's going on with one-note team at Microsoft?

it is still frustrating as heck.

Any news to that? Possibility to use scribble would make so many things much easier!