Move UnSyncable Notebook to New Document Library

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I have a OneNote file that has not been syncing for the last two weeks. I have added a lot of info to it in the last few days and so I really don't want to lose it.

It seems that the original location on the Sharepoint site was probably deleted so that may be my issue - I'm looking into that - but I would like to try and move it to a new SharePoint document library. 

Shared Notebook Synchronization.jpg

I tried syncing a Doc Library to my computer and then moving the file but it says it can't be moved.Cannot Move Notebook.png


Is there a way to save this OneNote file somewhere else locally and then upload to my new Document Library?

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I'd start by creating a new notebook locally on your PC. Then "Copy" the contents of the Notebook/Folder(s), page by page from the notebook you are having problems with. Right click each page, select "Move or Copy" and then "Copy" to your new Notebook (You choose which Notebook to "Copy" to in the pop up which gives you a full view of every notebook you have).


This will give you two versions. Once you're happy that the new version (& as you copy each page you may spot where the corruption has occured) you can then put the new Notebook wherever you want, keeping it local to your PC or on SharePoint etc.


Suggest you "Copy" rather than "Move" so that if anything goes wrong you still have your original. Once you've got the copied files/Notebook where you want them and its syncing properly you can delete the original duff file(s)

Thanks. I was worried that this would be the only option......


I already did this once early on with this file. I guess OneNote can get corrupt pretty easily. Frustrating.

You could also try - if its a corruption problem (which it most likley is!)


I ended up creating a new file and copying the sections over to the new file and it seems to have solved it. 

I'll keep the other info you posted for future corruption issues though.....