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I have seen it previously where in OneNote File menu we have within the Settings drop down link the choice to move an entire notebook.  I have notebooks locally and in SharePoint on premise and was looking to get the Notebooks moved to OneDrive.  The file explorer copy and paste does not really work well but I recalled in the past using the Share or Move link to copy and entire Notebook to a new location.


It looks this option is no longer available in my OneNote 2016 client.  Yes I still have the link to Share or Move but when clicking on it and then choosing Move Notebook I do not get any options only a message on the right pane with a link on what to do when you wish to move a Notebook shared with other people.


My Notebooks are not shared with anyone.  Has this feature been phased out forcing me to create a new empty Notebook in OneDrive and then moving each section of the Notebook individually? Thank you!

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