Microsoft apps for Huawei app gallery

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Hi, I just bought a Huawei phone and on app gallery the only apps I see are Bing, Microsoft news and office.

I would like to know when Microsoft authenticator, Microsoft edge, outlook etc will be available. I 'm from Greece.
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I used the petal search and got all the required Apps. But unfortunately, Authenticator does not add my work account as it mentions that since it cannot reach Google, it is not able to configure work account. However, my personal account was able to use the Authenticator.
Edge is working fine and am able to move from phone to desktop seamlessly.
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook are working fine.
But for some reason OneDrive stopped working since yesterday


Is not a choice install app from external and not verified sources like petalsearch. 

We need the office app on appgallery directly from Microsoft publisher, to add our work/business account securely.