MacOS Mojave & Teams Invite Button in Outlook

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Hello all! First posting here (sorry for my English). I tried really everything, but I am unable to make the Teams invite button visible in Outlook on Mac. I am losing my nerve. On some Macs it's working, but several Macs are refusing to show this button.


All have a licence 365, newest updates ... We are in an Active Dirtectory, some Email Addresses have or which point to each other. I made sure, that both, Outlook and Teams have the same credentials. I tried even to delete the account of Outlook and make the new application with the same email as in Teams. Reinstall of Teams does not work either. I deinstalled several times Teams, with all Teams files of the Users/../Library to no avail.


Could somebody help me out? Would be very grateful for any hint



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Hello all! No answer. Just to describe what I have tried again (new idea) :


1. I run the Volume Licence Removal Tool

2. Program Name Outlook "Activate Office"

3. Login into Office 365 with Email-Address (same as in Teams)

4. Outlook restart


Teams Invite Button in Calendar > "Neue Besprechung" (don't know the correct translation) not visible.


5. log out from Teams, relogin with the same email address as in Outlook


Outlook restart. No Teams Button visible ...


Any hint would be appreciated.