Mac Office - Teams app won't reliably allow remote support

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at our large company, the Mac Teams app does not reliably allow remote support, maybe 1/2 the time it works. 


Steps that lead up to issue:

1. Tech receives a Teams text (ping) from an end user with a tech issue

2. Tech agrees to remote support that end user on his or her issue (Mac computer to Mac computer, both are using Macs running Teams build 

3. Tech clicks phone icon at upper right of Teams GUI

4. phone call occurs normally, no issues

5. Tech asks user to screen share

6. Tech sees "Request Remote Control" button on his/her screen

7. Tech clicks "Request Remote Control" button

8. user sees prompt to allow remote control and grants it

9. Expected behavior - tech can control user's screen

10. Actual behavior - tech cannot control user's screen


Note: if Remote support works, it works for the entire session with that user

Is there some other setup step that is required to allow Teams to work for all users? 

The guess is that some of the users have something turned on or off, this would explain why it works for some and not others. You would think installing Office for Mac would be sufficient! 



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